Does being Vegan help your Skin?

This question is being asked more and more by people who are considering adopting a vegan diet. You won’t see many vegetarians with acne or dry skin, so for this reason and many, others begin to ask if going vegan will change their face. The answer is “it depends”.

A plant-based diet is surely good for your health. As a vegan, you will get more nutrients from less food. This is because meat, dairy, and eggs are all considered to be acidic. When too much acid is inside your system, it leads to a breakdown of the body’s natural alkaline levels. This in turn gives you a poor complexion due to said acidity levels.

Being vegan means that you are avoiding all of the above-mentioned stuff and so your body is then able to maintain its alkaline balance?

Vegan Diet for Skin

But what about those who are on a plant-based diet? Is it still effective in keeping the skin clear? In a word: yes. You see, when we eat meat or other animal products, we are providing our bodies with too much acid. A vegan diet will also cause your body to flush out toxins and keep you healthy as well as clear of that nasty acne.

It is important to note that some people may experience issues with both vegan and non-vegan diets, so what is the best way to go about things? Having a clean diet with lots of fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants is a great start for everyone. So maybe that should be your first step.

Benefits of Vegan Diet for Skin

A vegan diet is largely considered to be very beneficial for your skin. Your body will reap benefits from both the absence of meat and dairy products as well as from a great variety of fruits and vegetables that you eat. Here are some of the benefits:

1- Healthy skin with no acne or breakouts

There is evidence to show that a vegan diet reduces the risk of many chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. A vegan diet may also help in maintaining a healthy weight by providing you with all the lean sources of protein (e.g., veggie meats) that you need.

2- Fewer Wrinkles

As aging happens, many people go through the unfortunate experience of trying a multitude of solutions to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Now there is one study that has shown the correlation between meat consumption and wrinkles. The study found that those who consumed a diet rich in meat showed higher levels of homocysteine, which is believed to be one risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The more homocysteine present in your body, the higher your risk for skin aging and wrinkle development.

3- Less Acne

By eliminating animal products from your diet means you will also eliminate hormones and additives that upset your body’s natural processes. The sources of these hormones and additives are mostly animal products. Since veganism removes these substances, it may help to reduce acne or other skin conditions.

4- Less Possible Diseases

Nutrition itself is a very important part of any lifestyle. When you adopt a vegan diet, you will be making great choices for your body’s health. By choosing plant-based foods over their animal counterparts, you will be ensuring that the majority of the nutrients make their way into your bloodstream rather than being passed through your digestive system and into the environment.

5- Better Heart Health

By including plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet, you will be getting plenty of potassium and fiber which are both critical in keeping a healthy heart. One diet that has been proven to be effective in improving blood pressure and cholesterol levels is a whole food diet rich in fruits and vegetables. If you are looking for a healthier way of eating, then turning to a vegan lifestyle may be the best way to go.

A plant-based diet will always work for your skin in many ways, but the best way to keep it healthy is by avoiding processed foods and animal products. This can also help with many other health issues such as acne.

But let’s face it, there are still some people out there who are not interested in becoming vegan because they love food too much (we know how this feels) or because they simply can’t stand the idea of giving up meat.

Why Meat is not good for your Skin?

Meats are one of the biggest factors that contribute to acne. When you eat meat, your body is clogged with excess hormones and proteins. The human body is not built to process these substances, so they lead to acne problems and other skin conditions.

Recently, it has been discovered that when people consume vegetables that have been treated with hormones or antibiotics, this causes an increased risk of skin cancer in the future.

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What are the Best Foods for Skincare?

It is very important to follow a healthy diet since the foods you consume are essential for keeping your skin healthy. Plenty of fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other anti-inflammatory phytonutrients. These nutrients will help your body fight against acne and other skin conditions that can develop over time.

Anti-inflammatory Foods

Anti-inflammatory foods are not just good for skincare, but they are also good for curing headaches and stomach pains as well. Some of the best anti-inflammatory foods are listed below:

1- Inflammatory Omega 6 vs. Anti-Inflammatory Omega 3 Foods

If you can’t afford to buy expensive supplements, then you should consume more anti-inflammatory foods than inflammatory foods. You can find many studies that show that a lot of processed and junk food is full of inflammation-causing omega 6 fats. On the other hand, omega 3 fatty acids are found in oily fish and green leafy veggies like spinach; although you should take care about how much oil is used when cooking these types of dishes.

2- Anti-Inflammatory Acne Foods

Research has shown that processed foods such as soft drinks and chips are full of inflammatory omega 6 fats. On the other hand, beans are rich in anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats. They also contain high quantities of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can improve your overall health and fight acne. Other anti-inflammatory foods include nuts (e.g., almonds) and dark chocolate.

3- Anti Inflammatory Phytochemicals

Phytochemicals play an important role in fighting against certain kinds of cancer and heart disease as well as improving your skin’s health by fighting off acne. Some of the best anti-inflammatory phytonutrients include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lycopene, and Quercetin.

Better Diet Plays the Key Role

If you really want to get rid of acne, then you should consider going on a vegetarian or vegan diet. The choice of food that you consume is very important; therefore you should make sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet instead of junk food, fast food as well as processed foods.

BeVego is an online store that sells vegan products to people who want to achieve better health. They have several vegan products like oils, supplements, and many more which can be used not just for skincare but also for overall health.

Go Vegan for Fresh and Clear Skin Goals

If you really want to get rid of acne, then there is no better way than going vegan. With a vegan diet, you will be avoiding acne-producing fats. No matter how much money you are willing to spend on your beauty regimen, the best thing to do is go vegan and avoids buying expensive supplements.

If you have already experienced the benefits of going vegan up to now, then why not go all the way with a 100 percent plant-based diet? If your skin is already clear, it is possible that going all-vegan would not help since we know that food plays a big role in your overall health, and making changes to diet could affect this too.


There are many factors that contribute to healthy skin, but weight loss and a better diet are still the best ways to achieve this. The best way to keep your skin healthy is by going vegan and avoiding processed and unhealthy foods. If you really want to go vegan, then you should go with a 100% plant-based diet.

One of the biggest benefits of going all-vegan is that you will be getting rid of acne easily since the food you eat is full of anti-inflammatory nutrients and phytonutrients which help fight against acne problems. The night before going out for dinner, drink a glass of pure water with lots of vegetables in it and drink 8 glasses of water throughout the day as well as juices made from fresh fruits.

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